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Promo Leads is the one-stop-shop for running campaigns that generate leads for advertising partners.

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Our Platform

Creative Generation

Build your own creatives by defining the cover image, headline and call to action.

Powerful Targeting

Define exact targeting criteria to determine who your ads will reach and on what schedule.

Advanced Optimisation

Optimise your campaign on an ongoing basis to ensure that you are getting good results given your budget.


Promo Leads puts you in control of the lead generation process.

Harness our powerful platform to build advertising materials, launch campaigns, and then improve those campaigns over time. Every qualified lead that you generate for our advertising partners results in you receiving a direct commission.

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Better advertising tools, better client service.

Online affiliate marketing has very been this accessible.

Promo Leads puts you in control of your advertising campaigns. Regardless of whether you’ve been an active affiliate marketer for years, or whether you are just getting started, Promo Leads delivers everything you need to excel.

Coupled with our comprehensive educational services which help you stay up to speed with the latest developments in affiliate marketing, Promo Leads delivers the tools you need to tap into the lead requirements of merchants operating across Travel & Leisure, Electronics, Solar Energy, and many more verticals.

Travel & Leisure

15+ Advertisers


25+ Advertisers

Solar Energy

5+ Advertisers

Other Verticals

100+ Advertisers